The external male genitalia consists of the penis and testicles. Other structures such as the vas deferens and epididymis form part of the male genital tract.

The testicles lie within tissues and skin that is known as the scrotum. Sperm and the male hormone testosterone are produced by the testicles.

The epididymis is a duct that stores sperm. It is located over the top and around the back of each testicle. Sperm is transported from each epididymis to the penis by a tube on each side called the vas deferens.

What is an epididymal cyst?

Cysts can occur on the epididymis and these can be felt as smooth, firm lumps on top of the testicle. Epididymal cysts are common and benign.

An ultrasound scan can help to confirm the diagnosis.

If a cyst is causing symptoms (pain or discomfort) then surgical removal can be considered.