The external male genitalia consists of the penis and testicles. Other structures such as the vas deferens and epididymis form part of the male genital tract.

The testicles lie within tissues and skin that is known as the scrotum. Sperm and the male hormone testosterone are produced by the testicles.

What is a hydrocele?

A hydrocele is swelling around a testicle due to the build up of tissue fluid. Usually, the cause is unknown. Less commonly it may be due to an underlying condition of the testicle.

A hydrocele can be confirmed on examination although sometimes an ultrasound scan is arranged to check the underlying testicle.

How are hydroceles treated?

Treatment options depend on the size of the hydrocele and whether it is causing any symptoms e.g pain/discomfort. Small hydroceles may be left alone.

Surgical drainage (hydrocele repair) can be performed if it is causing symptoms.