3 signs that you may have an enlarged prostate

Many men are becoming more aware of their health these days and are keener to keep tabs on any possible issues. One medical condition that some men can face as they age is an enlarged prostate. This sees the cells in your prostate multiply and put pressure on the urethra (the tube which urine passes through when you pass water). Over time, this can cause the bladder muscle to thicken up and become hyper sensitive. But what signs might signal the presence of an enlarged prostate?

Passing water more frequently

Going to the toilet more frequently to pass water is a classic symptom that someone might have an enlarged prostate. For men who do suffer from this issue, it can be the first sign of any problems. It often begins with waking up a few times each night with an urgent need to visit the bathroom. This can then start to become more common in the daytime too and see people with an enlarged prostate urinate more frequently in general.

Difficulty passing water

This might sound contradictory but one sign of an enlarged prostate can be difficulty in passing water. While someone with this condition might feel an urgent need to urinate, they might actually have trouble doing so when ready. This is due to the prostate pressing on the bladder and urinary tract, thus making it harder to pass water.

Dribbling when passing water

Another sign that someone might have this condition is dribbling when passing water. This is caused by the enlarged prostate pressing on the bladder and causing more urine to dribble out. Very often, men with an enlarged prostate think they have finished only to find more urine dribble out unexpectedly.

Consult a medical professional if you have concerns

There are two things to do if you think that you might may have this condition. The first is to not panic and the second is to consult a qualified urologist to be diagnosed properly. While having an enlarged prostate is not automatically anything to worry about, it can lead to other conditions (like a UTI infection) which are best avoided. If you live in the Harrogate or York area, why not contact Harrogate Urology at info@harrogateurology.co.uk for help?

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