Blood in urine – what it could mean and what you should do

Blood in urine can be incredibly frightening. Urine shouldn’t contain blood, so peeing blood is something that does need to be investigated by your GP. In most cases, it isn’t something to be overly concerned about.

Symptoms you may have

You may be peeing blood and have no other symptoms. Your blood may also vary in colour from dark brown through to pale pink. However, there is a range of symptoms that many individuals do have, and which could suggest the following problems:


Frequently passing urine, and having a burning sensation when peeing, can mean that you have a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is often coupled with lower back pain and a low-grade fever.

Kidney stones

Very often individuals find blood in their urine, alongside groin and lower back pain that is intermittent yet severe.

Enlarged prostate

Having an enlarged prostate is most common in men over the age of 50. These men often find it difficult to pee, pass urine frequently, and often wake several times in the middle of the night to pass urine.

Reasons your urine might turn red or pink

Sometimes your urine may look like it contains blood, when in fact it is just red or pink in colour. Your urine may turn pink if you have eaten beetroot. Some medication can also turn your blood brown or red. Sometimes you may think that there is blood in your urine, but blood may have passed into the toilet bowl from your anus (back passage).

What happens at your GP visit

If you think that you are peeing blood, then you must make an appointment with your GP for an initial assessment. At this appointment, your GP will ask you about any symptoms you are having to gain a clearer picture. They may also ask you for a urine sample, do a blood test, or refer you to a specialist for further investigations. If they suspect you have a UTI, then they may prescribe antibiotics.

If you are passing blood, then it is important that you seek medical advice and make an appointment with your GP.

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