Is your urine telling you something?

The colour of urine gives us a helpful insight into what goes on in our bodies. Its colour and smell are likely to change at different times of the day and after eating or drinking different things. It is important to become familiar with certain colours and smells of our urine so we can pick up on the signs our body is trying to give us.

Darker urine

Urine which is a dark yellow/straw colour is typically seen in the morning. It is packed with toxins that our body flushes out overnight. There is usually an accompanying smell of ammonia, or sugar puffs. This kind of urine is also associated with signs of dehydration. You might want to drink more water if your urine looks like this during the day.

Clear urine

When you have been keeping yourself very hydrated you are likely to have clear urine which tends to be odourless.

Bright yellow

If you have been consuming excessive amounts of B-vitamins (found in cereals) then your urine is likely to be bright in colour.


Peeing blood is always worrying. There are several things your urine is trying to tell you. In some cases it might be symptomatic of kidney stones or kidney cancer. In other cases it might be related to other health concerns, so always contact your GP immediately.

Dark orange/ brown

This might indicate a lack of vitamins from the food you are eating, so you might want to eat more vegetables and reduce junk food intake.


This colour of urine is often experienced right after eating beetroot. In other cases it might also be small amounts of blood. In that case it is important to observe the colour of urine over the next few days.


After eating high volumes of protein-rich food your urine is likely to foam. If you are experiencing foamy urine regularly it might indicate that your kidney is insufficiently processing protein.

This guide is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis – always contact your GP if you find blood in your urine.

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