What are the 3 key benefits to seeing a private urologist?

Many of the fantastic doctors who treat patients privately are also available for free on the National Health Service, so why do patients choose to pay for a private urologist?

Reduced waiting times

Whether you have experienced blood in your urine, or you are suffering from pain in your bladder or urinary tract, making an appointment with your GP will likely be your first step. However, waiting times for non-urgent appointments with your doctor can extend to weeks. Even after a diagnosis, waiting lists on the NHS can be several months for non-urgent treatment. This all adds up to a lengthy and anxious time.

Urological conditions are generally painful and can cause a reduced quality of life, so the sooner you get a diagnosis and begin treatment, the better. By far the main benefit of going to a private urology clinic is the vastly reduced waiting times for diagnosis and treatment. A private urologist, such as Mr Gill, accepts appointments from both self-referred and GP-referred patients. Reduced waiting times, alongside peace of mind, can also be lifesaving.

Flexibility to see a doctor of your choice

As a private patient, you have total control over who you decide will be your private urologist. You can research the best doctor for your condition and use treatment information and testimonials to make your final decision.

Access to the best treatments

A private urologist, such as Mr Gill, has access to cutting-edge treatments that may not be readily available on the NHS. You are paying for a personalised, high quality and complete service, which extends to the best treatment for you, regardless of cost. Comprehensive aftercare comes as standard.

Making an appointment to see a private urologist could be your first choice, or it could be after a lengthy and disappointing journey through the normal channels. Either way, you can expect the best care in a non-rushed environment. Anxiety can be greatly reduced knowing that treatment for your condition is starting as soon as possible.

Contact Harrogate Urology for an appointment today, you are welcome whether you are self-referred or have a GP referral.

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