What are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

Did you know that 1 in 8 men in the UK alone will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some stage of their life? Worryingly, many of the symptoms of prostate cancer aren’t evident in the very early stages, meaning an immediate diagnosis is very rare. Typically, symptoms only start to show when cancer develops in its later stages and the tumour starts to press on the tube which is urinated through; otherwise known as the urethra. This can have an impact on the way you urinate. In most cases, a change in urination isn’t linked to cancer at all and is sometimes confused with a non-cancerous condition called an ‘enlarged prostate’ due to the similar symptoms.

If you’re worried about your condition, here are some of the most common prostate cancer symptoms to be aware of:

– Difficulty to urinate
– A week flow of liquid during urination
– Feeling as though your bladder isn’t completely emptied
– Needing to urinate frequently and especially during the night
– An unexpected need to urinate without warning
– Peeing blood
– Blood in the semen

These early symptoms alone may mean that your tumour hasn’t yet spread from the prostate. However, if you also have any of the following symptoms, it could suggest that the tumour has spread elsewhere; scientifically known as locally advanced prostate cancer:

– Unexplained weight loss
– Problems getting an erection
– Back, hip or pelvic pain
– Swelling in the legs or pelvis
– Numbness in the legs, feet or hips
– Pain in the bones and joints

If you believe you have one or a number of these symptoms, it would be worth seeing your GP immediately or visiting a specialist who deals with cancer cases.

If you don’t have any symptoms, but have a long family history of prostate cancer or are over the age of 50, then it would also be worth having a check-up to be sure there is little risk of cancerous cells developing.

If you wish to learn more about prostate cancer or are currently seeking specialist help to diagnose your symptoms, contact Mr Jonathan Gill who runs clinics in Harrogate and York and would be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

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