Does this work? 4 UTI myths that many people still believe

Contracting a UTI infection, or urethral infection, can be painful and uncomfortable for just about anyone. For those that struggle with urinary tract symptoms or chronic problems with peeing blood, the internet is often the first place to look for solutions. But while some valuable information is available, there are also plenty of myths and mistruths about the causes and treatment of UTIs that can lead to stress, confusion and even worsening symptoms in some cases.

Here are four of the myths to look out for it you’re struggling with a UTI:

1. Only women get UTIs

This common myth has led to many male sufferers of UTIs not accessing prompt and effective treatment for their condition. While urinary tract infections are much more common in women, they do still occur in men – and if a male experiences the known symptoms, they should seek medical help as soon as possible.

2. UTIs go away on their own – there’s no need to seek treatment

In some cases, UTIs will sort themselves out. But it’s never a good idea to leave this up to chance because any infection can be severe if left untreated. UTIs can spread to the kidneys and cause damage in sporadic cases, so it’s always recommended to seek professional help, even for relatively mild UTI symptoms.

3. Cranberry juice can stop chronic UTIs

We’ve all heard of cranberry juice as a solution for repeated UTIs. But unfortunately, this treatment is no more than an old wives tale, with plenty of research now suggesting that drinking cranberry juice is just as effective as taking a sugar pill – in other words, a placebo. There’s nothing wrong with drinking cranberry juice because it is good for your body, but it won’t prevent UTIs.

4. Your level of hygiene has a direct effect on how often you get UTIs

While having a good standard of hygiene is best for all of us, research has suggested that bad hygiene often isn’t the cause of UTIs. As an internal infection, it would be difficult for this condition to be directly influenced by the way you wipe (for women) or wearing soiled clothing. Better hygiene is better for everybody, but it doesn’t directly impact your urinary health.

If you find yourself peeing blood, or you have chronic UTI infections that won’t go away, our advice is to always speak to a trained medical professional. As a private urology clinic, we have the expertise and qualified knowledge to manage infections of the lower urinary tract quickly and effectively. Book an appointment with us today to find out more.

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