Have you heard about UroLift treatment for an enlarged prostate?

Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH is a common condition for older men that causes the prostate to get bigger. If you’ve been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, the UroLift surgical solution could be your solution.

What are the complications of an enlarged prostate?

An enlarged prostate can eventually cause urinary problems, as it presses down on the urethra the larger it becomes. This can eventually block the urethra entirely. It’s a very common condition for men in the 50+ age range, and affects about 30% of males in this age bracket.

What treatment options are available?

Until fairly recently, the only surgical option for enlarged prostates involved general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital. Surgery entailed the partial removal of the prostate, using traditional or laser technologies.

UroLift has revolutionised this treatment for enlarged prostates, however. It means patients can be treated as day cases only, and procedures take no more than 20 minutes. This is one of the new minimally-invasive surgical procedures, and has far quicker recovery rates and fewer complications. There isn’t any need for catheter treatment for urine collection during UroLift surgery either.

What does UroLift involve?

UroLift entails the insertion of a single-use implant, while you’re sedated. It’s a permanent treatment, although regular appointments with your specialist will be required for monitoring purposes. The implants work by relieving the obstruction and will directly open up the urethra, without any requirement for surgery, laser heating, or the removal of part of the prostate.

There are lots of benefits associated with UroLift, and it reduces operation theatre times by at least 40 minutes. It’s a low-risk treatment that is proving highly effective at removing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. The procedure is not widely available on the NHS at present, but is being increasingly introduced.

Mr Jonathan Gill at Harrogate Urology provides expert advice and information about the best surgical techniques for enlarged prostates and other common conditions. UroLift is one of the treatment options available at Harrogate Urology, and regular clinics are scheduled in Harrogate and York.

If your enlarged prostate condition is getting you down, and you need to speak with an acknowledged expert in the field, why not get in touch today?

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